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Welcome to XR Barcelona's knowledge base. Our knowledge, processes & documentation lives here.

Why do we need a knowledge base?

As a team we want to work effective and reduce duplicated work and tasks. The goal is to make best-practices, guides & knowledge available for all rebels of XR Barcelona.

That is why it's absolutely necessary to document our processes. As a team it makes sense to develop a mindset of documenting things as soon as something is done more than once.

This is helpful as it allows to transfer knowledge & experience between team members and teams.

We all have great knowledge & experience about lots of different things. Let's share knowledge and learn and grow together.

How do you use this knowledge base?

On the left you find the navigation. You will see that the navigation is organised based on existing commissions. Each commission has their own help articles.

There's a constant rotation in the roles on XR, therefore, contacts given in this knowledge base may be outdated.

How do I get started with GitBook?

As you can see GitBook is pretty intuitive, but you can look for detailed information at the Gitbook Documentation or here:


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